Call for Contributions

The sessions will consist of oral presentations by the invited speakers and poster presentations. The poster presentations are limited to a maximum number of 40 presentations. Contributions covering all aspects of strongly correlated electron physics are welcome. See also see the scope of the meeting. Abstracts must be submitted via the web interface. The poster session will be held in the afternoon of 27th, Oct (Fri), 2006. Participants are requested to send abstracts of their presentations in the following format.

Guidelines for preparation of abstract :

Please prepare an abstract either in LaTeX or MsWord. A template file is available from the Web-page. Please note that if the file sent to us cannot be printed out, we might ask you to resubmit it in another format.

Abstracts should be in English. The size of the abstract is restricted to one page of A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm2). A margin of 2.5 cm should be kept from all sides (top, bottom, left and right sides). The title should be bold-faced and center-lined. The list of authors and their affiliations should be center-lined and the latter should be in italics. The body of the abstract should be written in fonts not smaller than 11 pt.
Figures can be included but the file-size is limited to 1 MB. In the case of LaTeX, use only EPS for figures. References should be listed just below the abstract body.

Download the template file [ LaTeX-template, MsWord ]

Guidelines for preparation of posters :

The poster walls have a width of 100 cm and a height of 120 cm. The posters can be fixed with adhesive tape; they can be mounted in the morning of 27th, Oct and must be removed before 19:00 on 27th, Oct.