Invited Speakers

M.K Wu Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan  
"Coexistence of Kondo Anomaly and Superconductivity in Spinel Li(Ti2-xVx)-O4"
C.H Chen Center for Condensed Matter Science, National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan  
"Transmission Electron Microscopy of Charge-Density-Wave Transitions in Intermetallic R5(Ir,Rh)4Si10 (R=Dy, Ho, Er, & Lu)"
C.M Ho Tamkang Univ., Taiwan  
"Understanding tunneling spectroscopy on high Tc cuprates by strong correlated electron wave functions"
D.J Huang National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan  
"Scattering Manifestation of Multiferroicity in a Frustrated Magnet."
C.D Hu National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan  
"Ferroelectricity induced by magnetic orders"
T.K Lee Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan  
"Ground-state phase diagram of hole- and electron-doped systems predicted by the extended t-J model"
D Feng Fudan Univ., China  
"The mechanism of charge density wave in transition metal dichalcogenides"
J.G Park Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea  
"Understanding non-dipolar degree of freedom in magnetic materials"
S.W Cheong Rutgers Univ., USA  
"Recent Progress on Multiferroics"
K. Park Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea  
"Quantum antiferromagnetism and high TC superconductivity: a close connection between the t-J model and the projected BCS Hamiltonian"
K. Char Seoul National Univ., Korea  
"Inelastic tunneling spectroscopy of epitaxial NiO structure"
J. Yu Seoul National Univ., Korea  
"Effects of Lattice Strains on Spin/Orbital Orderings in Transition Metal Oxides"
Y.H Jeong POSTECH, Korea  
"Structure, orbital order, magnetism, and ferroelectricity of Bismuth manganite and related compounds"
B. H Park Konkuk Univ., Korea  
"Resistance switching behaviors in oxide thin films and nano-structures"
S. Seo Samsung, Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea  
"The Resistance switching mechanism of polycrystalline NiO thin film"
Y. K Bang Chonnam Natioal Univ., Korea  
"Unconventional superconductor Pu(Co,Rh)Ga5 and its implications"
J. S Kang Catholic Univ., Korea  
"ARPES study of the charge density wave gap and Ce 4f states in CeTe2"
K. Katsumata RIKEN, Japan  
"Synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies under extreme conditions"
S. Suga Osaka Univ., Japan  
"Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of YbInCu4 and some 3d transition metal oxides"
H. Takagi Tokyo Univ., Japan  
"New Ir and Rh oxides with spinel related structure"
T. Ishikawa RIKEN, Japan  
"XFEL: a tool to explore the frontier of photon science"
M. Taguchi RIKEN, Japan  
"Theoretical studies of Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy in Transition Metal Oxides"
H. Hwang Tokyo Univ., Japan  
"Inducing Interface Charge States in Transition Metal Oxides"
A. Fujimori Tokyo Univ., Japan  
"Photoemission spectroscopy of oxide interfaces"
S. Maekawa Tohoku Univ., Japan  
"Electronic properties in frustrated lattices with strong electron correlation"